Educational institutions see their role as preparing students to take their place and suceed in the ‘real’ world. This means teaching students to have the ability to handle and be comfortable with a myriad of very different social and professional situations. However elementary schools, high schools and colleges lack this very important curricula to impart these practical lessons to students.

Zohra’s program is designed to equip children and young adults with the vital tools needed to succeed on the play ground and in the classroom. Through a series of fun, interactive workshops students and young adults understand and master social skills, dinning etiquette, patience, thoughtfulness, self-control and respect. Students leave the program with excellent social skills by building solid foundations for learning, proper etiquette, good manners and kind and considerate behaviour towards others.

  • Friendship skills
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence skills
  • Etiquette & Dining Skills
  • The art of face-to-face interaction
  • Mastering the handshake
  • Greeting others and making introduction
  • Engaging in conversation
  • Taking indicative and responsibility
  • The value of organization, timeliness and preparation
  • Being mindful to others, including family, friends and strangers