Award won in May 2017 for philanthropy work done in the field of social and life skills for Teenagers and Young Adults from underprivileged backgrounds. This included workshops conducted for juvenile jails kids – girls and boys, Regina Pasis and Seva Sadan shelter homes for girls. The event was International Image Consulting Association conference held in Mexico City. The conference was a three days event, which takes place every two years in different parts of the world; one of the days an event is dedicated to giving recognition to the achievers.

Zohra is the only Indian Image Consultant to have received this award globally.
Featured in The International Coffee Table Book by Monica Garg: Influential Women of The World – Making A Difference. Along with names like Anaita Shroff- Fashion Editor, Vogue, Shaina Chudasama – Fashion Designer & Politician, Dr. Neslyn Watson -Executive Coach, and Christelle Dombasi – International Manager Business School …to name a few.

The book will be launched in Delhi, Los Angeles, New York & Paris.
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Sincere thanks to you for conducting the program on mannerisms & etiquette. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and looking forward to learning more from you!

Superintentant Observation Home / Children’s Home – Umerkhadi, Mumbai

I attended the 3 day workshop with Ms. Z. Chitalwala and couldn't have asked for anything better to help me brush up my day-to-day mannerisms and etiquettes.

Howrah Lookmanji

We would like to make this an on-going activity since we believe that apart from academics, children need soft skills to be successful.

Member Managing Committee of Seva Sadan
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