A foundation of good manners and leadership skills gives young people the required tools to succeed personally, scholastically and professionally – now and for the rest for their lives. Image2Image youth programs are based on contemporary etiquette and leadership essentials that prepare teens and young adults to make their best impression while feeling comfortable and self assured in a variety of interpersonal communication, social and dining arenas.

Social Teens - Workshop ages 13 and up

The first Impression

  1. Shaking hands with confidence
  2. Using eye contact
  3. The art of polite conversation
  4. Making a positive impact

Be Independent

  1. Taking initiative and responsibility
  2. The value of organization, including family, friends and strangers
  3. Applying thoughtfulness and patience day to day
Young Adults - Workshop ages 16 and up

The first impression

  1. Shaking hands with confidence
  2. Using good eye contact
  3. Mastering the art of conversation
  4. Making a positive impact

The Interview

  1. Getting your first interview
  2. Prepping for success  : what to wear, how to sit, stand and speak
  3. Personality and candor
  4. Dinning etiquette
  5. Good grooming and hygiene

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