When you first meet someone, you have 3 seconds to present a powerful personal or professional appearance. It is within this timeframe that the observer will use their “gut feeling” to evaluate and form an impression of you. Your appearance which includes, the way you behave, your attitude, your clothes and grooming are all absorbed by the observer to develop their opinion of you. Zohra calls this the “power of a glance”.

Your appearance directly affects your credibility, capabilities, behavior, body language and the perception others may have of you. Image Management is the the art of understanding all these aspect of yourself and developing the skils and tools to foster positive changes in yourself.

How can you benefit from Image Consulting?

Most people base their first impression on “the power of a glance,” it is imperative to have a powerful appearance on an image that best relates to your individuality, credibility, and personality. When used properly your clothing and grooming act as a resourceful tool that will help you achieve personal and professional success. Image2Image Zo’s Consultants – Zohra Chitalwala, Image Consultant; teaches individuals how to take control and project an image that shapes external points of view in your favour.

How do children, teens and young adults benefit from Image Consulting?

Young people are faced with more challenges than ever. From academic performance, social situations to high school and college entrance interviews and examinations. The demands and expectations on young people today are far more than they have ever been in the past. Zohra works with young people to cultivate good manners, leadership skills and the tools required to succed personally, scholastically and professionally. These lessons are relevant now and for the rest of their lives.

How you can benefit from Etiquette Training?

Have you ever been in a social situation where you were unsure or uncertain of what to say or do next? Being uncomfortable in any scenario can affect your self-confidence, negatively impact your image and can even leave people with a poor impression of who you are. Etiquette Training familiarises you with various codes of behaviour and gives you the real world skills and tools to easily navigate new and challenging social situations.