The Power of a Glance

Your appearance directly affects your credibility, capabilities, behavior, body language and the perception others may have of you. When used properly your clothing and grooming act as a resourceful tool that will help you achieve personal and professional success. Your image is what speaks loudest volume before ever having the chance to say a word at all. When you first meet someone, you have 3 seconds to present a powerful personal or professional appearance. It is within this timeframe that your observer will use their “gut feeling” to judge you. I like to call this, “the power of a glance.” Since most people base their first impression on “the power of a glance,” it is imperative to have a powerful appearance on an image that best relates to your individuality, credibility, and personality. Image2Image Zo’s Consultants - Zohra Chitalwala, Image Consultant; teaches individuals how to take control of their image to project an image that will help others regard you more favorable.

By combining the personal and professional aspects of your life, she will help you to create a powerful experience that will enable you to:
1. Think of terms of selecting clothing for you – as an individual,
2. Choose garments appropriate to the occasion, group or task at hand.
3. Dress attractively for your individual and physical body type.
4. Choose hairstyles and grooming solutions for your facials features and skin tones.


Image 2 Image Zo's Consultants

Zohra Chitalwala

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